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Buy and commission original art, design & photography at artist direct prices. 






I love to create a modern, clean and balanced design that speaks to people on a personal level with content that leaves a lasting impression.


From start to finish artwork created for the revolutionary artist market place is executed with both spontaneity, contemplation, research and years of experience. 






The marketplace is filled with fresh artwork made by and on museum quality media and materials for years of preservation.

All artwork located in the marketplace is available to the public at phenomenally affordable artist direct prices.

Choose from an ever growing and broad selection of ready to hang art with mat and framing options.

You can purchase Prints and digital files at the Coma-Free ArtPrint Gallery and have your image printed on a variety of materials like Canvas wraps, metal prints and more!


Printing, production, and shipping are fulfilled by Order a Print – B2CPrint LTD, a worldwide print fulfillment platform and a developer of today's most advanced online printing solutions.


Like my style? Through a variety of methods formulated through the years, I create fresh mixed media artwork for patrons from all walks of life. 


Put a new vibe in your modern space, from portraiture to politically subversive illustrations.


Original art makes the perfect gift too! 


I utilize both wet and dry materials, from oils, acrylics, Prisma pencils, markers and digital media. My current weapon of choice is mixed media work.


I create small to large scale work for private and public patrons. Whether you want a painting for your loft, a mural for your business, or cover art and beyond, contact me with your inquiry and let's create that special piece.

I love exploring the city and capturing urban landscape compositions that are aesthetically and culturally evocative, especially the spatial consciousness between graffiti art and the environment. 



From classic auto show photos, lifestyle photos, digital masterpieces for your home and business, images for social media platforms to culinary blogs and beyond I take your images and make them stunning for both print and digital platforms.


Apparel and merch designs in the Coma-Free Artist Shop are inspired by the troughs and peaks of city life with the goal of producing consciously driven streetwear for an audience who knows what time it is.




Logo designs are created in Adobe Photoshop. Licensed fonts are used to create vintage, retro, typography and decorative monogram logos for digital and print platforms.



Give your social media content a visual boost by creating cover designs that represent your brand in a consistent way so your fans, followers, and patrons will be able to recognize your content across all social media platforms.  

See some of my cover designs created for the Suicidal Gaming Instagram & YouTube Channels.



The Coma-Free Magazine is currently being reimagined with an all-new user interface, community, and profile signup where you will be able to engage with other members, discover, share and exchange ideas with interesting people.


I am building a platform for an active online art and design community of consciously driven creative individuals locally and abroad who demonstrate their voice through various creative mediums.


I will be featuring people, places and things that are relative, culturally influenced, ideologically provocative and aesthetically evocative.


Sign up for membership and get your own profile page where you can like, comment, subscribe and follow posts of other members.


I am also seeking imaginative individuals with creative writing skills who love to blog about art, design, and photography.


For more information on membership and contributor status visit the FAQ's page .