King Odumbo is an original "20x12" mixed media Prisma Premier pencil and marker drawing on hand-cut illustration board mounted on an ornate woodcut.


The subject matter is inspired by the Islamic infiltration of the Unites States of America and the Satanic yes we can Barak Hussein Obama campaign.

King Odumbo Drawing


Medium: Prisma premier pencils, Markers, on hand cut museum quality Canson Bristol.


Creation Date: 2017


Size: “20x12" Ornate woodcut mounting. 


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13 Ghosts Fan



9/8/2020, 11:25:46 AM

One of the scariest horror characters!

The fifth ghost to be released and one of the sickest backstories. Ryan Kuhn AKA The Jackal is one scary mofo!

I recommend this product.

Dali Fan



9/7/2020, 12:01:21 PM

Love this drawing!

I found this site while I was searching surrealist painters and wow I am in love with this piece, I want this so bad.

I recommend this product.

Devils Rejects



9/7/2020, 10:07:24 AM

One of my favorite horror characters

The person who purchased this got super lucky, I would have paid double for this piece!! It's a friggin badass painting!

I recommend this product.




9/7/2020, 8:58:45 AM

I Love my Life Giver Print!!

I purchased this along with the Sodom work and have them hanging in my studio. Absolutely incredible, thank you!

I recommend this product.

Ancient Aliens



9/7/2020, 7:40:28 AM

You have an out of this world talent!

You are a star child my friend, your work is out of this world, multi-dimensional. Amazing talent.

I recommend this product.

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