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J-Hovah 666 is an original “11X11" mixed media Prisma Premier color pencils, markers, Ink, and Currency drawing of American rapper Jay-Z.

The subject matter illustrates one of Jay-Z's alter egos the blasphemous rap god J-Hova. The 666 represents the rappers fallibility as a man, and the dollar necktie symbolizes his bondage to the love of money.

Original Mixed Media Jay Z J-Hova 666 Drawing


Medium: Prisma Premier color pencils, Prisma markers, Ink, and Currency on hand cut custom layered Bristol.


Creation Date: 2017


Size: “11X11"


Unframed: Framing options available.


Ready to hang | Round woodcut back


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Robert Dinero


New York

Amazing Work

Absolutely stunning work!

I recommend this product.

10/30/2019, 10:45:07 AM

Wu Forever


Los Angeles


This is the Bomb! I am going to contact you for a commission asap. Found this on facebook and it is DOPE. I love what you're creating....

I recommend this product.

6/13/2019, 12:26:57 AM



New York

Love American Psycho Drawing!!!

One of the greatest psychological horror films ever made and you captured Christian Bale perfectly on such a small scale! and what a fitting canvas for the subject matter :) love it. I am going to share this!

I recommend this product.

6/13/2019, 12:23:01 AM

Big Sean


Los Angeles

Amazing NWA Drawing

You put together a nice NWA portrait, brings back a lot of memories for me. Pure talent!

I recommend this product.

4/26/2019, 12:19:48 AM

Donald Trump



This artist is bad ass!

The subject matter and detail is mind-blowing. I looked at a lot of the other work and my mouth just dropped to the floor, amazing work!

I recommend this product.

11/30/2018, 3:20:05 AM

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