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Graven Image is a "15x20" Original gray shade Prisma Premier pencil drawing on illustration board.


The subject matter symbolizes the power of occult ideology and the grip of death it has on the masses.


Bonus "15x20" draft line drawing included with purchase.

Original Baphomet Drawing | Graven Image


Medium: Prisma Premier color pencils on Crescent Illustration board. 


Creation Date: 2017


Size: “15x20″ 


Unframed: Framing options available.


Bonus: "15x20" draft line drawing included with purchase.

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Robert Dinero


New York

Amazing Work

Absolutely stunning work!

I recommend this product.

10/30/2019, 10:45:07 AM

Wu Forever


Los Angeles


This is the Bomb! I am going to contact you for a commission asap. Found this on facebook and it is DOPE. I love what you're creating....

I recommend this product.

6/13/2019, 12:26:57 AM



New York

Love American Psycho Drawing!!!

One of the greatest psychological horror films ever made and you captured Christian Bale perfectly on such a small scale! and what a fitting canvas for the subject matter :) love it. I am going to share this!

I recommend this product.

6/13/2019, 12:23:01 AM

Big Sean


Los Angeles

Amazing NWA Drawing

You put together a nice NWA portrait, brings back a lot of memories for me. Pure talent!

I recommend this product.

4/26/2019, 12:19:48 AM

Donald Trump



This artist is bad ass!

The subject matter and detail is mind-blowing. I looked at a lot of the other work and my mouth just dropped to the floor, amazing work!

I recommend this product.

11/30/2018, 3:20:05 AM

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