Whores Of Babylon

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

👀 I was going through my portfolio and came across this masterpiece and realized that I had never written an article on this so I figured I'd whip something up real quick.

📝 Before I get this ramble started I want to make note that the image in this article doesn't do justice to the original piece and I haven't had the time to retake photos so this will do for now.

🤔 I wish I had written an article on this when my mind was fresh on the subject matter and my eschatological interest was at its peak. I say this because I have reached a place in my life where I have become utterly discouraged and disappointed with mankind almost to the point of being numb.

I don't like feeling this way but after decades of trying to persuade people into seeing the world for what it truly is, I feel like the masses are under heavy mind control and it is going to take nothing short of divine intervention and an epistemological crisis to take the blinders off.

🛸 Whores of Babylon is an Outsider Masterpiece

ℹ️ Whores of Babylon is an original large-scale "40x32" hyper-detailed mixed media geopolitical-end times collage style drawing of the book of revelations on illustration board that I created in 2017.

It is panel 1 of what was supposed to be a three-part mural, I completed the second panel God of Forces and decided to discontinue the third panel because they are extremely time-consuming to execute.

What inspired this series?

These are my visions of the last days on earth. The people, places, and things that have brought this world to its knees. When you take the time to look at this piece you will find those relevant icons who have played a prominent role in the geopolitical stage of history.

What is the process of creating a piece like this?

Seeing and hearing what many cannot see nor hear and translating those things on to a blank canvas until the message is complete. The composition itself wasn't preplanned but spontaneously was drawn over time until a symphony of destruction was complete.

What type of media is being used?

My recent work has been executed mainly in mixed media with a "fat over lean" technique utilizing both wet and dry materials.

Through a delicate process, I layer shade Prisma pencils with a wide range of tones and tinges over blocks of color put down with a wet medium like acrylics or markers. 

A typical piece is made with a systematic palette of tools like graphite, acrylic, marker, color pencils, micron, and even collage elements on museum-quality illustration board.

💯 I have had these works hanging in my studio and wasn't going to sell them to the public, but I have changed my mind for now.

You can purchase these masterpieces @

🛒 Whores of Babylon $6,000.00

🛒 God of Forces $6,000.00

📧 Contact for inquiries.

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