Spatial Consciousness: Urban Photography

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Urban Landscape Graffiti Art North Hollywood California
Urban Landscape Graffiti Art North Hollywood California

🤔 Spatial consciousness is a complex phenomenon comprised of many dimensions, much of which mankind will never fully know until his destiny comes to fruition. There are those that see what they are conditioned to see and there are those that visualize with the mind's eye.

1. Spatial: 1840 (spacial is from 1838), "occupying space," from Latin spatium + adjectival suffix -al (1); formed in English as an adjective to space (n.), to go with temporal. Meaning "of or relating to space" is from 1857. Related: Spatially.

2. Consciousness: 1630s, "internal knowledge," from conscious + -ness. Meaning "state of being aware" is from 1746.

Take these two words and apply them to urban art and design and we can get an idea of what it means to really see the world in which we dwell with the knowledge that there is more to the space around us than meets the eye.

When I am not immersed in making art I like to explore the city and find urban landscapes harmonized with graffiti. There is something powerful when we open our consciousness to the space we occupy and monopolize.

One of my passions is to capture and chronicle the marriage between the concrete jungle and the spatial consciousness of the graffiti artist and through my photography chronicle and immortalize those aesthetically provocative compositions demonstrated in the coexistence between the urban landscape and the art and design injected into it.

There is a gestalt that occurs when we look through all the lifeless corporate graffiti and tap into the spatial intelligence being demonstrated through the art and design around us.

For me, I experience a sort of ecstasy when I see a newsstand, stop sign, or any everyday object covered with tag's and sticker bombs, there is something grand in the experience when you have the ability to visualize with the mind's eye.

📷 Photography & post-production by Stevie D / Suicidal TV.

Contained in the gallery below are examples of the amalgamation between the urban landscape and the spatial consciousness of the graffiti artist.

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Disclaimer: Artwork is copyright of the respective artists, any watermarks on photos/video is for the sole purpose of claiming authorship to the original photography & Photoshop post-production, not the artwork in the photo.

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