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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Counter Culture Programming

πŸ€” I want to prove myself wrong that there are actually people out in the world that care about me as a human being and creative force.

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⚑ We want to prove the power of people collectively.

🎁 I will give back to the community at every 1000 sub milestone.

πŸ“Ί This channel is a culture jamming collaboration between a father and son.

🀯 Join the Suicidal TV Family for a Vlog style platform that features counter-culture programming.

Original Parodies, Spoofs, Skits, Memes, Sick Edits, Unboxings, Reviews, Reactions, and beyond.

πŸ’― There is a lot of time and energy involved in the making of my videos/content creation. Expect the unexpected.

β™Ώ I have a medical condition that gives me chronic pain along with other issues, being creative is my way of getting through this shit until it's all over.

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