🌩️Sky Walker Street Wear

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

🌩️ Skywalk with Sky Walker Street Wear 🌩️

👽 Alright my fellow Outsiders, here is my creation for this week's design drop.

😲 When you realize who you are in relation to the cosmos you're on your way to being a skywalker.

A skywalker is an individual who has a cosmic consciousness.

🎓 There is so much more to life and who we are than what we are taught in academic institutions.

Through rote repetition, we are trained to think a certain way based on a structured system created by people we don't even know.

🦻🏻 We often hear "keep your feet planted to the ground" which means having a sensible and practical attitude towards life, opposed to having unrealistic ideas, to be a skywalker you have to rise above all the BS by keeping your feet on the ground and your mind elevated, thinking and innovating.

There is nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds as long as you are shooting for the stars and beyond.

👕 Sky Walker is the perfect shirt to walk on clouds with, get this design now @ Sky Walker Drop Teespring store.

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👉$23.99 Sky Walker Street Wear

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