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Top 10 Webdesign Tools & Tips

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Creating more than just a website, but crafting a superior experience.

Top 10 Design tools and tips, enjoy.

Below is a list of beneficial resources for your web design projects.

1. WIX website builder: WIX is a Cloud-based web development platform with a user-friendly intuitive interface giving users the ability to create superior HTML5 web and mobile sites through online drag and drop tools.

There is a robust collection of free professional templates to get started, everything from, powerful business, electronic press kits, portfolios, e-Commerce to events, restaurants, and blogs, or you can build a masterpiece from scratch.

WiX does not currently offer open source, however, applications are fully integrated and functional with an expanding app Marketplace. All third party applications are tested and approved by the WIX development team to ensure quality.

One of the many benefits of using WIX is their focused support team, any technical difficulties or inquiries you have, support is just a click away, not only is their live support, there is an abundant support system via articles, forums, and video tutorials.

Another awesome feature is WIX ed, free online web design courses with a plethora of educational videos to take your online presence to new heights, develop a career and promote websites for clients, learn everything from UX, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing to Proposals and a whole lot more. 

Update: The Wix Web Master certification program ran it's course and produced some of the best design experts in the field, unfortunately, Wix ed has been discontinued and had moved onto bigger and better things.

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2. Color-Hex: A must have tool for Web Design color models, simply enter color hex number, or name and get in depth information like triadic, analogous, monochromatic, shades, tints and complementary colors along with color CSS codes and examples. 

3. Eye Dropper for Chrome: Another must have for design. I use this bad boy all the time. It can be hectic remembering all those color codes you are using in your projects but with this open source extension, you can pick colors from web pages or an advanced color picker and store them in a color history. 

4. Google Color Palette: Might as well go to the google gods when in doubt on your material design palette. Use this awesome palette for your material design, brand development and illustration projects. Color Palette offers a spectrum of primary and accent colors to customize that perfect palette for Web, Android, and iOS. 

5. Zippy Pixels: Need Mockups? Then this is the place. Choose from a diverse collection of high resolution mockups, from books, mags, devices, apparel to logos, packaging and lots more. This is one of many resources available for that ideal mockup for your design projects, and they have Freebies too! 

6. Pixabay: A great source  for high resolution crisp modern images images

With over 630,000 creative commons stock photos, vectors and illustrations you shouldn't have a problem finding an image you can use. 

7. MaterialUp: Material design and UI resources for Designers and Developers. Looking for inspiration, a place to feast your eyes on material design products and resources, then MaterialUp is a good spot. Choose from a broad selection of Apps, UI, Themes, Animations, Icons and more. Nice selection of freebies too! 

8. Icons8: Keep your Web Design Icons consistent throughout your design projects with Icons8. Choose from a vast collection of flat color icons for a single style with editable vectors and HTML embedding.

They also have free apps for The Web, Mac and Windows. Search Icons with multiple tags, recolor your PNG and SVG icons on the spot, generate HTML with multiple ways to embed and download popular file formats with custom generated fonts.

You can also create an account to save your custom icons, and yes, they have free icons too!

9. AWWWARDS: Came across this gem while checking out current design trends. Located in the Resources and Tools section of awwwards, which is a juried platform for talented web designers, developers, and agencies is a kick ass collection of the top 100 free typefaces for 2012-2015.

These fonts are perfect for both retro and modern design projects. Make sure to read the license agreement.

10. Grammarly:  The adage "Content is King" is more relevant today in Web design than ever before. One of the many facets of a superior user experience is relevant, engaging Web Copy. It is absolutely imperative to have valuable information, in other words, visitors to your site are going to fix a value, as well as search engines on what your site has to offer. 

Poor typography and excessive typos among other things are a major turn off and ultimately provide a bad user experience. With that said, here is an excellent writing enhancement platform to boost your writing experience on multiple platforms and keep your website copy crisp and free from grammar and contextual errors. 

Another awesome feature is you can store your documents in the online editor, and control what sites you want to utilize Grammarly with.

Bonus. Copy Blogger: is a great educational source for content marketing essentials. Free membership comes with an extensive library of in-depth information on content marketing and more. 

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