🎨Graffiti Spray Can Portraits

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Drawing KRS One studio shot.
Original KRS One Spray Can Creation

🤔 One of the things I do when I find myself immersed in a complex work of art I take a detour and chip away at a smaller project to keep things from becoming monotonous, giving my psyche a charge by plugging into a new endeavor. 

This current graffiti spray can series is a good example of a fun way to take ordinary elements and use them in an unconventional way creating a unique somewhat novelty experience.

Throughout the years I have developed a vast array of mixed media art and this particular series is by far one of my most favorite craft-type creations.

Entrenched in the graffiti culture in the '80s as a kid I had a fascination with graffiti mediums, from the classic Pilot Jumbo, Sharpie magnums, to Krylon spray paint.

There was something about the can that struck the chords of design within, I found a powerful novelty not only in the color contained inside but the cans composition itself was and still is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and even more so today with awesome brands like Montana.

With this series, I created a way to forge a blissful cohesive marriage between the design of the can and an entirely new arrangement of original mixed media art.

The particular assemblage featured in this article encapsulates an old school vibe immortalizing a portrait of the legendary emcee "Teacha" KRS-One.

I wanted to kick off this hip-hop spray can series with one of the most influential artists on the stage of history and what better way to do this than to do it with Knowledge Reigning Supreme.

Update: If you think this is cool, then you have to check out one of the latest spray can illustrations, Wu-Tang Clan ODB.

🤯 The Process

Contained in the gallery below are a few images to give you an idea of the stages taken to execute the assemblage. 

1. A simple outline of the portrait is drawn onto a hand-cut Bristol heavyweight vellum surface with dimensions of 8.25 x 5.877 for a perfect wrap on a 400 ml Blackline / Goldline Montana Spray Can typically executed with a complementary color scheme to the dome and cap of the can.

2. Once the Drawing is complete I take a 24lb Epson sheet of paper cut to the same size to line the can with an under sheet using double-sided tape.

3. After the can is wrapped with the sheet of paper and properly fastened I take (and this is where the tricky part is) the master drawing and apply to the back a medium layer of all-purpose original Tacky Glue, making sure the entire area of the Bristol is covered.

4. Before the glue dries which is pretty fast I put on a fresh pair of latex gloves and align the Bristol to the can and carefully roll it from one side to the other until edges meet at the spine of the can.

5. After the drawing is wrapped on the can I take another clean sheet of paper and apply pressure to the Bristol to ensure a decent adhesion.

Then I simply take a few heavy-duty hair ties or rubber bands and slide them onto the paper and leave them there so the glue can cure and keep everything in place. 

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