🎨Melrose Graffiti Mash-up

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Melrose alley graffiti Los Angeles California

🏙️ Los Angeles is a unique multicultural empire filled to the brim with some of the worlds most interesting people, places, and things and like any other adventure to a bustling city you can find yourself inundated with recommended "landmarks", "things to do", and tourist traps leaving you with a sense of dissatisfaction because there is more to this city than meets the eye.

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Yes, there is a vast array of galleries, fashion spots, and culinary delights but sometimes you have to take the road less traveled to find those hidden gems and if you're looking to be inspired by some raw legit art LA is the place to be and one of those gems to be discovered is the Melrose Graffiti Art Mash-Up.

Located out of view behind the potpourri of trendy shops on Melrose Ave is a long stretch of backyard alleyway surrounded by a gritty open-air gallery comprised of some of the dopest graffiti art LA has to offer, from simple old school blockbuster fills, wild style, bold colored burners, and complex jaw-dropping end to end pieces.

There is a rich and enduring history to this creative mecca stretching back to the early '80s which birthed the dynamic artwork created by legendary Can't Be Stopped Crew and the graffiti kings of Los Angeles like MEAR ONE, AXIS, ANGER, LYNK, DYTCH, HEX, and beyond.

Whether you are visiting or local to Los Angeles take an excursion into the two parallel north and south alleys adjacent to Melrose Ave.

Disclaimer: Art is the copyright of the respective artists. Any watermarks on photos/videos are for the sole purpose of claiming authorship to the photography not the artwork in the photo.

Photography & post-production By Stevie D / Suicidal TV

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