Gross Out Your Skate Deck With The 2020 Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Sticker Set

🛹 Topps kicked ass with the 2020 Garbage Pail Kids skateboard sticker set featuring artwork by Rory Mcqueen which came in as one of the highest-selling sets of the year with a print run of 1025.

One of my prized possessions as a GPK collector is the extra rare filthy rich foil Santa Cruz GPK skate deck that hangs on my studio wall so when I saw this exclusive set It was definitely a welcomed addition to the GPK collection.

I love these type of collaborations because it catapults me right back to a time when life was great as a kid when I was shredding the streets of Los Angeles with my skate crew and entrenched in skate culture with the OGs of my day like Mike McGill, Gator, Mike Vallely, Alba, Mark Gonzales, Natas, Christian Hosoi and beyond.

The artwork in this set has me reminiscing on those old school urban pop-culture illustrations which represented the golden age of street skating. I look forward to more exclusive GPK sets like this in the future.

2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Skateboard Stickers

This super glossy GPK skateboard 10 sticker set was released on September 17 and included the following cards.

Subject List:

• Adam Bomb • Tee-Vee Stevie • Beasty Boyd • New Wave Dave • Gutsy Gabriel • Junk Food John • Creepy Carol • Dead Ted • Hot Rod • Max Axe

Below are images of the set in my collection.

🤔 I've actually seen people complain about these saying things like "yeah just what we need, more skateboard stickers", for the life of me I can't understand why anyone who collects GPK would say something like that because this set had me smashing the buy button a lot faster than many of the Bizarre Holidays sets that have been previously released.

Yes, there have been GPK skateboard stickers like the awesome skate decks in the 2020 Topps On Demand Garbage Pail Kids: 35 Years of Untold Stories, Thrasher Asher from Bizarre Holidays, ANS2 Sk8 Nate, ANS3 Foil Freestyle Kyle, Apple Pie Skip Skater, Wipeout Wally GPK Classic set and Patty Splatty 30th Anniversary set, and Eggplant Eric 2018 Gross Card Con Skateboarding Exclusive.

Check out, an awesome GPK reference website.

GPK Various Series Skateboard Stickers

👿 I can be brutal at times when it comes to critiquing artwork being an OG urban artist myself, however, I really love what Rory Mcqueen did with each and every illustration, he captured the essence of those gnarly 80s skate decks that I loved as a kid.

These illustrations embody the nostalgia, are aesthetically pleasing, and does what good art should do, ruminate in all the senses.

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