🛹 One Of The Most Amazing Garbage Pail Kids Collaborations!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Garbage Pail Kids Santa Cruz Extra Rare Filthy Rich Foil
Garbage Pail Kids Santa Cruz Extra Rare Filthy Rich Foil Skate Deck

🛹 Whether you're a die-hard bonified Garbage Pail Kids collector or a pop-counter-culture enthusiast you are going to want one or all of these exclusive Santa Cruz Garbage Pail Kids skateboard decks in your collection if you can get your hands on them.

🤯 This mind-blowing exclusive Santa Cruz Skateboard line was announced in May of 2017 and released on October 9th. What better collaboration could there be to represent 80's counter-culture other than the iconic world-famous Santa Cruz Skateboard brand and the Garbage Pail Kids!

🔥 There were 9 jaw-dropping skate-decks to collect all of which featured the Archetypal Adam Bomb with amazing designs and colorways.

😮 Now if you think that is incredible then let's turn it up, not only did this collaboration between the Santa Cruz Skate brand and Topps give collectors one of the most mouth-watering collectibles on the planet but they finessed it with blind bag packaging which brought the experience to a whole nother level.

Each deck is categorized by levels of rarity ranging from "sorta rare, kinda rare, rarish, extra rare, super rare, super-duper rare, crazy rare, brain-meltingly rare, and earth impodingly rare", I mean, how cool is that?

If that isn't cool enough yet then this is perhaps the pièce de résistance, there was a 1:1 chance of opening a blind bag and pulling a sweet custom one of a kind color-way background or hand-painted board featuring artwork by Jimbo Phillips, Tallboy, Pitchgrim, Horsebites, Suzanne Fiore, Keith Haupt, Aye Jay, Esayde, Pseudo5, Bart Saric, Tyler Emanuel, Lucas Musgrave, Ted Cocuzza, Ben Raney, and Funeral French.

That is freakin awesome! Imagine pulling an original piece by Jimbo Phillips, the son of Jim Phillips who is the OG designer of all the artwork for Santa Cruz Skateboards in the 70s' and 80s' and creator of the world-famous Screaming Hand logo!

There were 44 custom colorways and 24 custom art decks created for the chase.

So collectors not only got to experience the rush and exhilaration of pulling these masterpieces but it doesn't stop there, each board came with three stickers, one being the Santa Cruz Typography Logo and Two exclusive stickers made for this release with artwork by Pitch Grim.

In addition to the decks and three stickers, there was also a limited edition pin with only 400 made along with jumbo cards exclusive to the 2017 New York Comic-Con.

Now that you have had your senses pleasured by this incredibly amazing collaboration you're probably itching to have at least one of these skate decks in your collection which isn't going to be easy but it isn't impossible.

You will not find any of these at retail locations because they are all sold out obviously since they were released in 2017, however you can find them on eBay, and even unopened blind bags, but be prepared to lay down some righteous cash, it's worth it though because you are trading intrinsically worthless paper for some awesome tangible history.

🛹My Filthy Rich Foil

I was fortunate to nab an Extra Rare Filthy Rich Foil from eBay and it is definitely an awesome addition to my GPK collection.

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