🤡 My Insane Garbage Pail Kids Unboxing Reactions.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

🤯 I've been having a blast collecting the Garbage Pail Kids with my son. We started our new collection at the beginning of the "corona-virus quarantine" and it awakened the garbage pail kids within!

There is a nostalgic connection to the GPK for me because I was an original 80s' GPK kid, I experienced those fresh packs, and playground buzz when it was in its prime and I feel blessed to have been part of such a great counter-culture stage of history.

Fast forward decades later and I was browsing Target online and came across a Late To School Blaster box and I had one of those flashback moments so I decided to order the box and that is where the Adam Bomb in my mind went off, so here we are and I've been collecting GPK with my son nonstop.

We purchased 6 retail Late To School Blaster boxes and were able to collect the entire set, completed all puzzle cards along with duplicates, pulled a bunch of parallels, and the most exciting pull was a one of a kind Autographed Sketch Card by Dennis Gortakowski which came out of the first box! After that, it was on.

Check out some of the cool GPK related stuff we have collected so far in the video above.

🤓 Information:

The Late To School release is a massive base set that brings GPK back to school with some cool puzzle card sets that form a 9 piece puzzle poster, Class Superlatives, GPK Faculty Lounge, GPK Mascots, Lunchboxes, Parallels, Printing Plate, School Pennants, Sketch Cards, and Wacky Packages.

All artwork for the base set was completed by Joe Simko, Brent Engstrom, Joe McWilliams, and David Gross.

🤔 Opinion:

This particular theme didn't resonate with me as much as previous themes, there are some dope illustrations though and cool puzzles.

On the other side of the coin, I do dig the subsets like the Mascots, Pennants, and Faculty Lounge. To get the subsets you're either gonna have to shell out some cash for a collectors edition which is pricey or get them used off of eBay.

Overall this is a great collection to start with, and I am definitely looking forward to the 35th-anniversary collector's edition.

I rate the Late To School Theme ⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Favorite Cards From Base Set

🎁 I received the Revenge Of Oh The Horri-ble collector's edition I purchased directly from Topps and I scored BIG, One pull is a Grim Jim Patch Card and it's crisp Gem 10+ all the way. #6 out of 10. This is a dope set!

👉 I also have the Topps 2020 Series 2 35th Anniversary Trading Card COLLECTOR Edition HOBBY Box along with some Blasters on pre-order so we are stoked for those!

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