💀God of Forces Mural

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

🤯 After a year of being immersed in the second drawing of this ideologically provocative three-part series, the god of forces is finally finished!

Like the Whores of Babylon counterpart, the god of forces is one of those works that are the result of both contemplation and spontaneity, which required a lot of research and time to not only create a piece that stands by itself but paradoxically is cohesive with the series.

I am somewhat relieved that I am done with this as you can imagine because it definitely takes a toll on the very fiber of your being working on a piece like this not only because of the complex stimuli of the detail involved but the mental fortitude required to get through the trench warfare of research.

With that said I have one more panel to create to complete the series and I think I will take a detour and work on something a little less thought-provoking until I am ready to wrap myself up into the madness of politics and eschatology.

🎨 Media used in the creation process. 

God of forces is comprised of both wet and dry media, i.e., Acrylics, Prisma premier color pencils, and markers.

📏 Size.

Each panel in the series is "40x32".

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