💀New World Order God of Forces

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The task of art today is to bring chaos into order

God of Forces + Whores of Babylon

🤔 A little about this piece.

God of forces is panel one of a three-part eschatological illustration of the Book of Revelation. ( The Third has been postponed )

These are my visions of the last days on earth. The people, places, and things that have brought this world to its knees.

What inspired this series?

I am inspired by the desire to break free from a system that is created by the god of this world (Satan).

What is the process of creating a piece like this?

Seeing and hearing what many cannot see nor hear and translating those things on to a blank canvas until the message is complete.

What type of media is being used?

My recent work has been executed mainly in mixed media with a "fat over lean" technique utilizing both wet and dry materials. Through a delicate process, I layer shade Prisma pencils with a wide range of tones and tinges over blocks of color put down with a wet medium like acrylics or markers. 

A typical piece is made with a systematic palette of tools like graphite, acrylic, marker, color pencils, micron, and even collage elements on museum-quality illustration board.

How big is the god of forces?

Each panel is "40x32" and there are three panels.

👉 Enlarged Image

Is god of forces available for sale?

👉 Yes Buy Now

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