New World Order God of Forces

Updated: May 19

The task of art today is to bring chaos into order

A little about this piece.

God of forces is one of an ideologically driven, politically charged body of work consisting of three large scale illustrations.

The main focus with the god of forces is to create a cohesive symphony between global sovereigns, their role in eschatology and manifest the story harmoniously while orchestrating the composition in such a way that it demonstrates to the observer the true nature of these characters.

What inspired this series?

I am inspired by the desire to break free from a system that is rigged and controlled by people with a seared conscience. Fueled by a passion to herald their crimes against us that we might experience a conscious awakening. 

What is the process of creating a piece like this?

Researching my subject matter, many hours of contemplation, experimenting with a vast array of color palettes and perseverance.

I expose myself to the relevant facts that are available and that knowledge plays a major role in my interpretation of the subject matter.

What type of media is being used?

My recent work has been executed mainly in mixed media with a "fat over lean" technique utilizing both wet and dry materials. Through a delicate process, I layer shade Prisma pencils with a wide range of tones and tinges over blocks of color put down with a wet medium like acrylics or markers. 

A typical piece is made with a systematic palette of tools like graphite, acrylic, marker, color pencils, micron, and even collage elements on museum-quality illustration board.

How big is the god of forces?

Each panel is "40x32" and there are three panels.

Is god of forces available for sale?

Yes, once complete the entire collection will be published and made available to public and private collectors. Although this is a set, individual panels can be purchased separately because they are formulated to hang together or apart, in other words, awesome when joined, and awesome when divided.

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