Awesome Skull Crunch Cereal is the Best Breakfast of Champions!

FYE Exclusive GPK Mini Cereals
FYE Exclusive GPK Mini Cereals

💀 Nothing like a hardy bowl of scrumptious Garbage Pail Kids Skull Crunch Cereal.

I figured this was the perfect time to show off my FYE GPK collection since FYE recently dropped their highly anticipated exclusive Garbage Pail Kids 3 pack mini box cereal collection for $12.99

2020 FYE GPK Mini Cereal Boxes

This exclusive set was announced back in September along with other goodies like Chalk-Line apparel, Super 7, Geeki Tikis, Funko, and beyond. When I saw these cereal boxes, especially the Bony Tony Skull Crunch I had to have this in my collection.

My FYE GPK collection began during the quarantine and it all started with the Garbage Pail Kids Crazy Crisps and Marshmellow Barfbits cereal box which was released in May of 2019.

FYE GPK Cereal Exclusive 2019

😆 This was kind of a challenge because they were all sold out of course since I started late in the game and there really weren't too many on eBay and the boxes that were available were an arm and a leg, so after some hunting, I finally got one in decent condition on eBay, not mint like I wanted, but in good shape, and yes it has the unwrapped promo cards still in the box!

After I finally bagged and tagged this hunt I had to complete the collection which I was able to do and this recent release Topps it off.😂 Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of the exclusive promo cards which are limited to 300 from what I understand until after my long trip for in-store purchase, but I'm sure they'll be on eBay for the price of a car payment in a few days, lol.

The next addition to the arsenal was the GPK Barfbits cereal bar which was released in March of 2020, and of course, these are all sold out as well, but you can still find them.

I have only tried the Barfbits cereal bar and the Blasted Candy Bar, both were super sweet and I wouldn't expect anything less.

💯 There are some ingredients that I don't agree with like High fructose corn syrup and all the artificial coloring, but nevertheless, I didn't purchase this because I wanted to eat it, it's got some cool looking illustrations by Joe Simko and is a nice addition to the GPK collection.

GPK collectibles coming soon @ the outsider-collectibles eBay.

GPK Barfbit Bar + Candy Bars + Energy Drink

🌶️ Last but not least was one of the hardest to get for a while and that was the FYE GPK Hot Sauce Collection (especially the Adam Bomb Nuclear Meltdown) which was released in October 2019.

When I was on the hunt for these spicy delights they were literally all sold out at FYE online with the exception of Nasty Nicks Mouth Impaler which got canceled on me because it sold out after Andymation did a video of him pouring the hot sauce on a 4th series piece of gum which got around 1,566,798 views, and only a few periodically popped up on eBay for ridiculous prices.

FYE GPK Hot-Sauce Collection

😕 To make a long story short I ended up finding some stock at an FYE location in California, not sure if they are going to periodically be restocking this collection but if not I have a few bottles to part with and will be listed here and or my eBay store, make sure to subscribe.

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