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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

False paradigm header design featuring Trump, Hillary, and Sanders.

When Men realize their true destiny it's over for the New World Order.

🤔 One of the typical questions I often hear with regard to my art is

"What inspires your subject matter?"

In the past, I always had trouble answering this because I spent many years creating art that was unfocused in the sense that what I was making wasn't consciously driven with the purpose of provoking thought and igniting emotion towards critical issues we face in the world, but it was more of an endeavor in producing aesthetically provocative work like commercially recognizable portraiture or iconic memorabilia.

Lest I be ambiguous I am not saying that is an utterly bad thing to be doing as an artist, and I still enjoy doing that type of work, however, I just came to a point where I wanted to utilize my talent and create art that actually does something more than adorn a gallery wall.

Today, my art is more of a weapon than anything else and with laser-like precision, I create work that is focused on people, places, and things that have a profound effect on the world and its inhabitants, whether it be politically charged, ideologically subversive, or eschatological in nature I craft consciously driven compositions that are designed to introduce the observer to visual narratives that aren't discussed or disclosed by the power structure and smash the lies of the owned and controlled corporate media machine of mass distraction. 

👉 I am currently working on a mural series entitled the god of forces, a three-part mixed media mural illustrating the intrinsic nature of the new world order - Learn more.

🤮 The empires and their governments have been rotting away and what we now see is the end stages of some morbid and brutal malady. This nefarious cabal is marinated in deception, incapable of telling the truth because their minds and hearts have been darkened to the point that logic and reasoning is like the carnage of twisted steel in catastrophic wreckage.

👿 The world we see has been shaped by short-circuited minds who have created an inverse reality antithetical to the truth and essence of our existence, where nothing makes sense, seduced by the power they have become the habitation of devils.

There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a shift in consciousness which is demonstrated in the mass upheaval we see in just about every crevice of the earth, but this awakening is being reined in and steered by demigods who defile everything they touch. 

These are the few that control the many, men and women who have centralized decision-making and power, undermining civilizations and societies to consolidate control and serving the god of forces they forge a new world order with their master Satan on his throne.

🧑‍🦯 How blind we have been, enduring perpetual oppression, being completely conditioned, and acclimated to a system designed to keep us from the light and incrementally edge us out into the eternal darkness. 

Through methodically planned stratagems like racial balkanization, academic infiltration, economic oppression, color law, geoengineering, war and so much more, the globalists are doing everything in their power to keep the masses divided and preoccupied with self-preservation while they execute their diabolical blueprint.

How many tyrannical regimes will mankind put up with until there are an epistemological epiphany and crisis of consciousness which opens the heart, mind, and soul to the absolute truth that we have been born into slavery and the war which we fight isn't a war against flesh and blood but a battle to the death against ancient malevolent super-intelligent cosmic beings, of which these globalists serve?

👽 When I speak of Super-Natural forces I am not referring to green aliens or ghostbuster spirits, I am pondering on the very beings that the Apostle Paul speaks of in Ephesians 6:12 of the scriptures.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against archos (rulers), against powers (authorities), against kosmokratoros (cosmic rulers) of the darkness, against pneumatika (spiritual wickedness), wicked spirits in the heavenlies."

🛸 The celestial and terrestrial phenomenon, wars and rumors of war, ethnic against ethnic, kingdom against kingdom, pestilence, famine, false Christs and every other sign coming to fruition is the byproduct of this spiritual warfare and the birth pains of an impending great tribulation beyond anything the world has ever experienced before.

The people who are put in power aren't placed in office because they want to fashion a better world for all of its inhabitants.

We are continuously swallowing the manufactured narratives fed to us by earthly rulers, their theocratic counterparts, and corporatocracies to the point that we are so docile and desensitized to the atrocities occurring all over the world, primed and ready for our ultimate demise.

While we spend our days getting by in our postage stamp corners the closer we get to hell on earth. It's time to wake up and get Coma-Free and art is a powerful apparatus in fighting the New World Order System.

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