How Long will the world be enslaved to a false dichotomy?

🤔 A false dichotomy asserts that there are only two possibilities when, in fact, there are many more. I created this illustration out of frustration of and not limited to the political machine in America and the world beyond which has enslaved the consciousness of the masses to a social construct engineered by the hand full of the world's so-called elite, you know, those lovely benevolent people who wear suits and send your kids of to the front lines as they sip the brandy and play golf.

How long will the populace be held captive to the fallacy? Politicians use false dichotomy to circumvent their listeners’ reasoning faculty and to influence their followers into only considering two very bad alternatives instead of allowing them to take charge of their own lives, think for themselves, and come to the realization that these choices aren't the only way.

😷 The political plague in America has been running it's the course for decades and has nearly drained the populace of all its freedom, oppressing whatever vestige of life that remains, again I ask, how long will people yield over their lives to a system that clearly is being governed by vessels who are possessed by souls who have an insatiable appetite for power and destruction?

👓 As an American, no, forget that as a Human being created by the Most-High I am over this illusion, John Carpenter hit the nail on the head with They Live.

Do you have the eyes to see, or will you defend a broken system that is designed to make you think that you are participating in a Republic/Democracy?

dichotomy (n.)

c. 1600, "a cutting in two, division into two classes;" 1630s, "state of having a dual arrangement or order," from Latinized form of Greek dikhotomia "a cutting in half," from dikho-, combining form of dikha "in two, asunder" (from or related to dis "twice," from PIE root *dwo- "two") + temnein "to cut" (from PIE root *tem- "to cut"). Related: Dichotomous; dichotomously.


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