🎨Fundamentals of Drawing one of the Greatest Revolutionary Artists

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Salvador Dali Design

🤔 I must confess, that, when I initially commenced this work, I was somewhat enthusiastically inspired to execute a third illustration of the world's most notable Spanish Surrealist painter, Salvador Dali

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📕 I have a book written by the painter himself, titled "The secret life of Salvador Dali", which I pick up from time to time and read a few pages, some of which played a role in my decision to commit to this illustration, but more importantly a break from the heavier subject matter I've been wrapped up in of late.

Throughout my journey with Dali, I had two things of his life playing in my mind like a fiddle, one being, a footnote by Dali which read "Since 1929 I have had a very clear consciousness of my genius, and I confess that this conviction, ever more deeply rooted in my mind, has never excited in me emotions of the kind called sublime; nevertheless, I must admit that occasionally affords me an extremely pleasurable feeling". 

I suppose you can get away with such narcissism when you're a spoiled elitist weirdo, nevertheless, the other note in my mind was one of his childhood memories-

"I was five years old, and it was springtime in the village of Cambrils, near Barcelona. I was walking in the country with a boy smaller than I, who had very blond curly hair, and whom I had known only a short time. I was on foot, and he was riding a tricycle. With my hand on his back, I pushed him along.
We got to a bridge under construction which had as yet no railings of any kind. Suddenly, as most of my ideas occur, I looked behind me to make sure that no one was watching and gave the child a quick push off of the bridge. He landed on some rocks fifteen feet below."

With that said, I'm sure this piece will find a good home.

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👇 Below is a gallery of start to finish progress shots of my Dali adventure.

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