💀Disaster Buffet is the Globalist Diet

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Original Disaster Buffet Design

💀 Disaster Buffet is inspired by the perpetual oppression masterminded by the world's elitist despots, and the methodical stratagems formulated from a diabolical collective consortium, feeding on the death and destruction of the countless lives lost to the power-hungry, insatiable appetites of unadulterated evil.

Millions of lives lost to the schemes and lies of men, whose goal is to keep every man, woman, and child under a system of bondage.

This piece is composed of Acrylics, Prisma Premier color pencils, markers, and ink on illustration board.

Disaster Buffet was in the "The Voice of the Artist" exhibit along with artists and photographers from around the world at the Art Basel Miami show during the first week of December 2015, displayed within the main show of SCOPE Art Miami.

😊 This work is also featured on the Wix + SEEME SCOPE Art Miami album on Facebook and was promoted across social channels reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers with select members having their portfolios featured in their Newsletter, sent to 650,000 subscribers.

The show was underwritten by see.me's new partner Wix, the world's leading provider of portfolio & e-commerce tools.

👉 Details

  • Medium: Acrylics, Prisma Premier color pencils, and ink on Crescent Illustration board. 

  • Creation Date: 2015

  • Size: “20x15″

  • Contact for Purchase.

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