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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

New Coma Free Streetwear Arrival

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The Coma-Free design represents the mind's eye, a multidimensional consciousness, the state of being awake and aware of not only the world in which one finds himself but one's self in relation to the cosmos.

There is a gestalt when you break free from conformity and open your mind to the truth.

In a world where the masses have fallen prey to social engineering stratagems and corporate trickery, it is imperative that one is diligent and relentless in the quest for truth remaining coma free to the diabolical blueprints and nefarious plots that keep us divided and entrenched in confusion.

Coma:  Greek koma (genitive komatos) "deep sleep"

The coma-free design is more than just a T-shirt, you can use it to spark conversations that wake people up from their slumber.

Available in various materials, sizes, and colors. $20 Buy Now
  • Print size and colors will vary from the mockups contained in this article.

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