💸Miniature Christopher Walken Drawing

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Original Christopher Walken drawing on US dollar bill.
Mixed Media Christopher Walken On US Dollar Bill

👽 There is a phenomenon that takes place when you go beyond the traditional canvas and create something different by appropriating iconic elements from everyday life, merging them with original art to conceive a new design.

The dollar series is an experimental endeavor inspired by all the artists that have tackled such a feat. While this may not be an original concept I wanted to take this composition and add my flavor...

The idea for me is to take iconic people, places, and things and immortalize them on to something that is literally intrinsically worthless yet paradoxically a powerful tool to enslave the entire world.

The Process

I draw an outline directly onto the dollar and then prepare the surface with a mixture of Golden Gesso and water, layering the Gesso wash inside the outline, this in itself can be timely because you have to allow the wash to fully dry because some of the moisture is absorbed into the dollar, this is done over and over until the image on the dollar is completely primed over.

After the area is covered I draw in the main features of my subject matter and from there I fill in with my materials.

I knew before I started this series I was going to have issues with regard to layering the pencil because there isn't enough "tooth" on the Gesso wash for the pencils to grab on to, limiting the ability to work with greater detail.

If I can't find a way to prepare the substrate for the pencils I might just move on over to oil and acrylic, which would allow me to take these to another level.

Subject Matter

In the last article, I featured a miniature illustration of an American Psycho, and for the second in this series, I chose Christopher Walken.

Growing up I always put Walken into the camp with some of the greats like Dinero, Pacino, Brando, and Hoffman just to name a few and portrait wise he just has one of those provocative faces that I love to draw.

Commission a custom dollar piece.

These mixed media dollar pieces make a great novelty gift, to commission an original work contact me.


  • Christopher Walken Illustration

  • Medium: Prisma Premier pencils & markers on a US one-dollar bill, mounted to a hand-cut layered illustration board.

  • Size: Board 8.25x4.74 / US Dollar 2.61x6.14

  • To purchase this piece check out the product page.

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