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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Red & Blue Bring Caps Graffiti Streetwear $20
Street Wear For Outsiders

⏲️ I often travel back in time and reminisce on the wild times I had in the early 80s as a kid living down in mid-city Los Angeles, at that time most of the youngsters in my neighborhood were immersed in the elements of Hip Hop culture, especially B-boying and graffiti which was heavily influenced by the release of Wild Style, Beat Street, and Breakin.

One of those momentous memories is of the Mcdonalds on 6th and Western which was located right down from my apartment building on Gramercy Dr, after school it would be packed with graffiti writers from around the neighborhood and when the RTD buses would make their stop all you saw was a mob of kids hitting up the bus with their tags, one bus after the other and what a rush that was.

🚌 There was nothing like the thrill of getting up on an RTD bus with a classic juicy jumbo Pilot or going all city with cans.

I designed "Bring Caps" as a timepiece that represents the collective consciousness of graffiti writers and their experimentation with caps and the styles they produced with the world's most influential art form to ever exist.

Below are some of the design & color variations available. $24.99 Buy Now @ Suicidal Street Wear

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